Top 10 Songs That Made Us Fall In Love with Lonesome Kings

Not many punk or rock punk bands raised eyebrows quite like Lonesome Kings. Formed in the early days of 1999 by Greg Lonesome, the all-boys band brought together four music talents: Greg on vocals, Mr. Right Now on electric bass, Quickdraw on drums, and Doc Holliday on guitar.

The quadruple gigged frequently in local pubs, events, and clubs before making their foray into the mainstream music scene. Although Doc Holliday and Quickdraw left, Lonesome Kings made an incredible comeback in January of 2001with “Handsome” Johnny Hormone on drums and Reverend Repulsive on guitar.

Here we present the top 10 songs by Lonesome Kings that’ll simply knock your socks off.

#1. Zodiac

Featured in their third and final album – Legendary Suffering, Zodiac got the attention of rabid music fans across the globe. This full-length track blends subtle drum beats and fantastic bass tones with scintillating vocals, bringing out a timeless piece that’ll grace our playlists for many years to come.

#2. Through the Devil’s Eyes

Chiming in the second place is Through the Devil’s Eyes, yet another track featured in Lonesome Kings’ third album, Legendary Suffering.  It’s also featured in Sunday Morning Hymns album.

#3. Flames of Self Destruct

Flames of Self Destruct has joined the ranks of “Who’s Your Daddy?” and Zodiac as Lonesome Kings’ most listened to tracks. It’s featured in Sunday Morning Hymns.

#4. Who’s Your Daddy?

Who’s Your Daddy? is perhaps the first song that brought Lonesome Kings to the limelight. Although it came out before their debut album was released, the track gained traction, especially in Britain.

#5. Let Me Die

Let Me Die adds a touch of “psychobilly” to Lonesome Kings’ third album Legendary Suffering. The song was so popular that it made a cut in the post-release Sweet Little Succubus EP.

#6. Born to Be Lonely

This 1.52-minute track is featured in both Sunday Morning Hymns and Shotgun Full of Blues. It’s currently available for purchase from Apple Music.

#7. With a Little Luck

With a Little Luck appeared in both Lonesome King’s debut album Shotgun Full of Blues and Sunday Morning Hymns. It has a huge following from American punk fan base.

#8. Cold Black Sunday

Cold Black Sunday is more of punk rock than punk. It’s part of the third album Legendary Suffering.

#9. Death Trip

One of the most popular songs in Shotgun Full of Blues, Death Trip has always cajoled to the innermost and basest feelings of punk music fans.

#10. Legendary Suffering

Finishing off our top picks is Legendary Suffering, the main track in the album of the same name.