After Tenancy Cleaning London

Ever found yourself in an argument where much more than an exchange of words is needed? This is a common scenario in home ownership disputes and more often than not, one of the parties will leave feeling aggravated. We all agree that property should be left in the same condition it was found but how does one ensure that this happens? Property owners obviously want their property to be ready for the next tenant whereas tenants are keen on maintaining the premises just enough to warrant a refund of their deposit money. It helps that there exists a written contract in most cases but you can take deliberate action as the tenant to honor every term;

Read the agreement

The terms of the contract will guide you in preparing an exit from the house you are currently living in. Some agreements have a standard cleaning procedure which can only be attained by an After Tenancy Cleaning London service and this means that the tenant pays for hire. If this is a condition you agreed to at the time of the lease, you can sure that going against it will result in tenant-landlord conflict. In cases where the tenant fails to hire the cleaning service at their costs, the property owner is at liberty to do so and deduct the charges from the deposit money.

Take pictures before you move in

It is unfair for a property owner to expect a higher cleaning standard of their property that when they first moved in. provided that the property you move into is in the same condition when you leave, the tenant is entitled to a full deposit. After signing the tenancy agreement before you move-in, take pictures of the different rooms and especially of damages that the owner might not have brought your attention to. It is best if such pictures are digitally time-stamped so that this acts as photographic evidence when the need arises.

The actual cleaning

The best way to ensure that the premises you are leaving are cleaned to acceptable standards is to put yourself in the owner’s position. Would you take it lightly if a tenant demands their full deposit if some aspects of the property have clearly been mismanaged? Whether you conduct the exercise yourself or high an After Tenancy Cleaning London company to do it, attend to even the tiny details that you think the owner might not notice.

Moving into a new house is exciting but only if you have left your last occupancy on good terms. Preparation, attention to detail and purposefulness are the ingredients to a painless process.