Lonesome Kings: A Brief Biography of a Show-Stealer Band

When Lonesome Kings’ frontman Greg Lonesome brought together an all-boys band, he couldn’t fathom how big their music would be. That’s right; the turn-of-the-century top punk/rock band churned out sizzling music that was, and still is, loved across the globe. Unlike the ranks of Bono or Presley, however, the Lonesome Kings made their mark doing fabulous gigs on the go.

Even before we delve right in, who really are the Lonesome Kings?

Formed in the early days of 1999 by Greg Lonesome, the Lonesome Kings is a multi-hit band that brought together top talents, including Quickdraw on drums, Doc Holliday on guitar, and Mr. Right Now on electric bass. In its formative days, the band gigged regularly before recording Who’s Your Daddy? on EP and Sunday Morning Hymns on CD. Unfortunately, Quickdraw and Doc Holliday called it quits in October and November of 2001 respectively forcing the band to take a short hiatus.

But it wasn’t long before Lonesome Kings sprang back to life. In January 2001, the band regrouped and made a huge comeback with “Handsome” Johnny Hormone on drums and Reverend Repulsive on guitar. This outfit was unstoppable, with Mr. Right Now ditching the electric bass for an upright bass in April 2002.

It was then that Lonesome Kings started recording their much-awaited full-length debut album. In August 2003, the band released Shotgun Full of Blues, a fantastic album that catapulted them to the world’s music scene.  The album was all the rage, attracting the attention of ardent music fans from around the world.

Shotgun Full of Blues huge reception meant that the fan-base expected the band to release another album soon after. Much to the chagrin of rabid music fans, however, their 3rd and final album, the Legendary Suffering, was not available until later in 2006. Even so, Lonesome Kings’ top hits still rent the air everywhere – from clubs to restaurants, their music sure is timeless.


Most songs by Lonesome Kings could be categorized under rock punk, psychedelic or just punk. Their first album, “Sunday Morning Hymns,” which was released in 2000 boasted 8 tracks with Through the Devil’s Eyes being the most popular.

Dubbed the “debut” album, the “Shotgun Full of Blues” featured 13 full-length tracks with “Zodiac” raising eyebrows across the globe. Their third and final album, “Legendary Suffering,” released in 2006, also had 13 feature tracks.

Even though Lonesome Kings are no longer recording, their place in the music industry is certainly unquestionable.