Who Were The Lonesome Kings?

For rock music lovers, this is one band that went too soon. The Lonesome Kings formed in February 1999 with Greg Lonesome at the vocals, Doc Holliday playing the guitar, Mr. Right Now at the electric bass and Quickdraw working the drums.

The band recorded their first album CD the “Sunday Morning Hymns” in 1999, followed a second album “Who’s Your Daddy?” on EP.

Quickdraw left the band in October 2000 and Doc Holliday followed shortly after in November 2000. The band was joined by two members in January 2001. Reverend Repulsive replaced Doc Holliday on the guitar while Johnny “Handsome” Hormone replaced Quickdraw on the drums. Mr. Right Now shifted to the upright bass in 2002.

The band found great success with the release of their third album “Shotgun Full of Blues” in August 2003. The album received critical acclaim, and the band caught the attention of rock music fans across the globe. The band was working on the final album “Legendary Suffering” when they broke up. This last album was released in 2006.


The first album was Sunday Morning Hymns with the tracks Born to be Lonely, Flames of Self Destruct, Brand New Gun, With a Little Luck, Through the Devil’s Eyes, You’re Mine and Cold Black Sunday.

The second album was “Who’s Your Daddy” but it didn’t see much success. It was followed by “Shotgun Full of Blues.” Their fans are of the opinion that this can be termed as the band’s debut album.

The final album was “Legendary Suffering” that unfortunately came out when the band had gone their separate ways.

Famous songs

Lonesome Kings wowed rock fans with their alternative punk rock music. Some of their top awesome songs include:

#1. Zodiac

This was on the album “Legendary Suffering.”  Lonesome’s vocals in this track are outstanding, supported by a flawless mix of bass tunes and drum beats.

#2. Through the Devil’s Eyes

Off the album “Sunday Morning Hymns”, this is another awesome track.

#3. Flames of Self Destruct

This is one of the top tracks in “Sunday Morning Hymns.”

#4. Who’s Your Daddy?

This is the track that brought Lonesome Kings into the world stage. It was especially popular in the UK.

#5. Let Me Die

This track was famous enough to be included in the post-release Sweet Little Succubus EP.

#6. Born to Be Lonely

The band felt this song was good enough to be in both Sunday Morning Hymns and Shotgun Full of Blues.


#7. With a Little Luck

This track was a hit with punk rock fans and also appeared in both Shotgun Full of Blues and Sunday Morning Hymns.

#8. Cold Black Sunday

In “Legendary Suffering”, this track is pure punk rock

#9. Death Trip

This is another punk track in Shotgun Full of Blues

#10. Legendary Suffering

An awesome track off the album by the same name.