Renting and Pets: Tips on How to Find Rooms to Rent in Birmingham with your Four-Legged Friend

Finding rooms to rent in Birmingham is usually quite an adventure. However, when you’re a pet owner hunting for rooms to rent in Birmingham, it becomes a little tricky. Don’t worry; you are not alone — at least 5.2 million households have pets countrywide.

You see, landlords or letting companies have to determine what type of tenants they want in their buildings, and each case is often reviewed on an individual basis. Instead of dismissing pet owners upfront, landlords usually consider a number of factors before letting them in. however, if a property is pet-friendly, you have nothing to worry about.

Here are a few important rental-hunting tips on how to make the process slightly easier and find rooms to rent in Birmingham as a pet-owner without wrecking your nerves.

(1) It’s Best to be Upfront with the Landlord or Agent

No matter what, it’s a wise idea never to get into a house without letting the landlord know you have got a pet. You’ll save yourself lots of headaches. Similarly, if you’re using a letting agent, be upfront with them so they can recommend rooms to rent in Birmingham that are suitable for your needs.

(2) Do Your Research

While hunting for a place is often easy, it’s best to do a bit of homework if you have a pet. Check out rooms to rents in Birmingham areas that are pet-friendly. As such, most estates in Bearwood, Soho, Nechells, Castle Vale, and so on should be your first few stops. Even better, read online reviews and zero in on apartments that allow pets.

(3) Be Prepared to Pay a Larger Deposit

Landlords are sometimes ruthless when it comes to deposits. They often suspect that a pet might cause damage to the house. So, be set to shell out more money in the form of rental deposit. As you might already know, the average deposit is about 6 weeks, but you might need to pay 8-10 weeks to secure a room or an apartment if you’re a pet-owner.

(4) Get A-star Pet Ownership

Although being an A-star pet owner might not bring down the rental deposit, it’ll go a long way in convincing the landlord to rent you an apartment for you and your pet-friend.

(5) Start Your Search Early

The period around September or October can become a little hectic for those looking for rooms to rent Birmingham. As a pet-owner, it’s important to begin your search early as most landlords normally prefer non-pet-owners.