Who Were The Lonesome Kings?

For rock music lovers, this is one band that went too soon. The Lonesome Kings formed in February 1999 with Greg Lonesome at the vocals, Doc Holliday playing the guitar, Mr. Right Now at the electric bass and Quickdraw working the drums.

The band recorded their first album CD the “Sunday Morning Hymns” in 1999, followed a second album “Who’s Your Daddy?” on EP.

Quickdraw left the band in October 2000 and Doc Holliday followed shortly after in November 2000. The band was joined by two members in January 2001. Reverend Repulsive replaced Doc Holliday on the guitar while Johnny “Handsome” Hormone replaced Quickdraw on the drums. Mr. Right Now shifted to the upright bass in 2002.

The band found great success with the release of their third album “Shotgun Full of Blues” in August 2003. The album received critical acclaim, and the band caught the attention of rock music fans across the globe. The band was working on the final album “Legendary Suffering” when they broke up. This last album was released in 2006.


The first album was Sunday Morning Hymns with the tracks Born to be Lonely, Flames of Self Destruct, Brand New Gun, With a Little Luck, Through the Devil’s Eyes, You’re Mine and Cold Black Sunday.

The second album was “Who’s Your Daddy” but it didn’t see much success. It was followed by “Shotgun Full of Blues.” Their fans are of the opinion that this can be termed as the band’s debut album.

The final album was “Legendary Suffering” that unfortunately came out when the band had gone their separate ways.

Famous songs

Lonesome Kings wowed rock fans with their alternative punk rock music. Some of their top awesome songs include:

#1. Zodiac

This was on the album “Legendary Suffering.”  Lonesome’s vocals in this track are outstanding, supported by a flawless mix of bass tunes and drum beats.

#2. Through the Devil’s Eyes

Off the album “Sunday Morning Hymns”, this is another awesome track.

#3. Flames of Self Destruct

This is one of the top tracks in “Sunday Morning Hymns.”

#4. Who’s Your Daddy?

This is the track that brought Lonesome Kings into the world stage. It was especially popular in the UK.

#5. Let Me Die

This track was famous enough to be included in the post-release Sweet Little Succubus EP.

#6. Born to Be Lonely

The band felt this song was good enough to be in both Sunday Morning Hymns and Shotgun Full of Blues.


#7. With a Little Luck

This track was a hit with punk rock fans and also appeared in both Shotgun Full of Blues and Sunday Morning Hymns.

#8. Cold Black Sunday

In “Legendary Suffering”, this track is pure punk rock

#9. Death Trip

This is another punk track in Shotgun Full of Blues

#10. Legendary Suffering

An awesome track off the album by the same name.

Renting and Pets: Tips on How to Find Rooms to Rent in Birmingham with your Four-Legged Friend

Finding rooms to rent in Birmingham is usually quite an adventure. However, when you’re a pet owner hunting for rooms to rent in Birmingham, it becomes a little tricky. Don’t worry; you are not alone — at least 5.2 million households have pets countrywide.

You see, landlords or letting companies have to determine what type of tenants they want in their buildings, and each case is often reviewed on an individual basis. Instead of dismissing pet owners upfront, landlords usually consider a number of factors before letting them in. however, if a property is pet-friendly, you have nothing to worry about.

Here are a few important rental-hunting tips on how to make the process slightly easier and find rooms to rent in Birmingham as a pet-owner without wrecking your nerves.

(1) It’s Best to be Upfront with the Landlord or Agent

No matter what, it’s a wise idea never to get into a house without letting the landlord know you have got a pet. You’ll save yourself lots of headaches. Similarly, if you’re using a letting agent, be upfront with them so they can recommend rooms to rent in Birmingham that are suitable for your needs.

(2) Do Your Research

While hunting for a place is often easy, it’s best to do a bit of homework if you have a pet. Check out rooms to rents in Birmingham areas that are pet-friendly. As such, most estates in Bearwood, Soho, Nechells, Castle Vale, and so on should be your first few stops. Even better, read online reviews and zero in on apartments that allow pets.

(3) Be Prepared to Pay a Larger Deposit

Landlords are sometimes ruthless when it comes to deposits. They often suspect that a pet might cause damage to the house. So, be set to shell out more money in the form of rental deposit. As you might already know, the average deposit is about 6 weeks, but you might need to pay 8-10 weeks to secure a room or an apartment if you’re a pet-owner.

(4) Get A-star Pet Ownership

Although being an A-star pet owner might not bring down the rental deposit, it’ll go a long way in convincing the landlord to rent you an apartment for you and your pet-friend.

(5) Start Your Search Early

The period around September or October can become a little hectic for those looking for rooms to rent Birmingham. As a pet-owner, it’s important to begin your search early as most landlords normally prefer non-pet-owners.

After Tenancy Cleaning London

Ever found yourself in an argument where much more than an exchange of words is needed? This is a common scenario in home ownership disputes and more often than not, one of the parties will leave feeling aggravated. We all agree that property should be left in the same condition it was found but how does one ensure that this happens? Property owners obviously want their property to be ready for the next tenant whereas tenants are keen on maintaining the premises just enough to warrant a refund of their deposit money. It helps that there exists a written contract in most cases but you can take deliberate action as the tenant to honor every term;

Read the agreement

The terms of the contract will guide you in preparing an exit from the house you are currently living in. Some agreements have a standard cleaning procedure which can only be attained by an After Tenancy Cleaning London service and this means that the tenant pays for hire. If this is a condition you agreed to at the time of the lease, you can sure that going against it will result in tenant-landlord conflict. In cases where the tenant fails to hire the cleaning service at their costs, the property owner is at liberty to do so and deduct the charges from the deposit money.

Take pictures before you move in

It is unfair for a property owner to expect a higher cleaning standard of their property that when they first moved in. provided that the property you move into is in the same condition when you leave, the tenant is entitled to a full deposit. After signing the tenancy agreement before you move-in, take pictures of the different rooms and especially of damages that the owner might not have brought your attention to. It is best if such pictures are digitally time-stamped so that this acts as photographic evidence when the need arises.

The actual cleaning

The best way to ensure that the premises you are leaving are cleaned to acceptable standards is to put yourself in the owner’s position. Would you take it lightly if a tenant demands their full deposit if some aspects of the property have clearly been mismanaged? Whether you conduct the exercise yourself or high an After Tenancy Cleaning London company to do it, attend to even the tiny details that you think the owner might not notice.

Moving into a new house is exciting but only if you have left your last occupancy on good terms. Preparation, attention to detail and purposefulness are the ingredients to a painless process.

What you Need to Know About End of Tenancy Cleaning

Some useful info on End of Tenancy Cleaning

The standard end of tenancy agreement places the responsibility of end of tenancy cleaning on the tenant. Many agreements require that the tenant leave the rental unit as good as it was when moving in. There is a moving in report drawn when the tenant is taking up the rental unit. This report is what the landlord uses when inspecting the rental unit at the end of the tenancy. Cleaning the house top to bottom is necessary to pass the landlord’s inspection in order for the tenancy deposit to be refunded.

How is end of tenancy cleaning different from general cleaning?

General cleaning is usually done every two or three weeks in houses with a few people, and once per week in a household with kids. It usually involves cleaning those areas that are most used in the house including the living room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom. Some of these chores include:

  • Vacuuming the carpet
  • Washing the kitchen utensils and floor
  • Washing the toilet bowl and bathroom sinks
  • Vacuuming the bedroom carpet
  • Taking out the trash

End of tenancy cleaning on the other hand involves more thorough and extensive work. The aim is to leave the house as good as it was when moving in. This means going further than the usual general cleaning. Some of these chores would be:

  • Steam cleaning the carpet and upholstery
  • Removing stains off the floor and walls
  • Degreasing and sanitizing the fridge, oven and microwave
  • Removing lime scale from the faucets, bathroom tiles and walls
Who does it?

While it is possible to do end of tenancy cleaning by yourself, it is not advisable. This is because the typical household does not have the resources to do the cleaning in a way that would stand up to a keen inspection.

Hiring end of tenancy cleaning services is most advisable. Professional end of tenancy cleaning services have the manpower, cleaning equipment and materials. This means that the cleaning service does this job quickly and in a satisfactory manner.

Can the landlord dispute the job?

The landlord is very much entitled to dispute a poorly done end of tenancy cleaning job. The landlord can demand that the job be repeated before reimbursing the tenancy deposit. Failure to this, the landlord can withhold part of the deposit to use in paying for the job to be done properly.

The only guarantee for proper end of tenancy cleaning is in engaging a professional end of tenancy cleaning service. This way disputes are avoided and the tenant moves out in a cordial manner.

Top 10 Songs That Made Us Fall In Love with Lonesome Kings

Not many punk or rock punk bands raised eyebrows quite like Lonesome Kings. Formed in the early days of 1999 by Greg Lonesome, the all-boys band brought together four music talents: Greg on vocals, Mr. Right Now on electric bass, Quickdraw on drums, and Doc Holliday on guitar.

The quadruple gigged frequently in local pubs, events, and clubs before making their foray into the mainstream music scene. Although Doc Holliday and Quickdraw left, Lonesome Kings made an incredible comeback in January of 2001with “Handsome” Johnny Hormone on drums and Reverend Repulsive on guitar.

Here we present the top 10 songs by Lonesome Kings that’ll simply knock your socks off.

#1. Zodiac

Featured in their third and final album – Legendary Suffering, Zodiac got the attention of rabid music fans across the globe. This full-length track blends subtle drum beats and fantastic bass tones with scintillating vocals, bringing out a timeless piece that’ll grace our playlists for many years to come.

#2. Through the Devil’s Eyes

Chiming in the second place is Through the Devil’s Eyes, yet another track featured in Lonesome Kings’ third album, Legendary Suffering.  It’s also featured in Sunday Morning Hymns album.

#3. Flames of Self Destruct

Flames of Self Destruct has joined the ranks of “Who’s Your Daddy?” and Zodiac as Lonesome Kings’ most listened to tracks. It’s featured in Sunday Morning Hymns.

#4. Who’s Your Daddy?

Who’s Your Daddy? is perhaps the first song that brought Lonesome Kings to the limelight. Although it came out before their debut album was released, the track gained traction, especially in Britain.

#5. Let Me Die

Let Me Die adds a touch of “psychobilly” to Lonesome Kings’ third album Legendary Suffering. The song was so popular that it made a cut in the post-release Sweet Little Succubus EP.

#6. Born to Be Lonely

This 1.52-minute track is featured in both Sunday Morning Hymns and Shotgun Full of Blues. It’s currently available for purchase from Apple Music.

#7. With a Little Luck

With a Little Luck appeared in both Lonesome King’s debut album Shotgun Full of Blues and Sunday Morning Hymns. It has a huge following from American punk fan base.

#8. Cold Black Sunday

Cold Black Sunday is more of punk rock than punk. It’s part of the third album Legendary Suffering.

#9. Death Trip

One of the most popular songs in Shotgun Full of Blues, Death Trip has always cajoled to the innermost and basest feelings of punk music fans.

#10. Legendary Suffering

Finishing off our top picks is Legendary Suffering, the main track in the album of the same name.

Lonesome Kings: A Brief Biography of a Show-Stealer Band

When Lonesome Kings’ frontman Greg Lonesome brought together an all-boys band, he couldn’t fathom how big their music would be. That’s right; the turn-of-the-century top punk/rock band churned out sizzling music that was, and still is, loved across the globe. Unlike the ranks of Bono or Presley, however, the Lonesome Kings made their mark doing fabulous gigs on the go.

Even before we delve right in, who really are the Lonesome Kings?

Formed in the early days of 1999 by Greg Lonesome, the Lonesome Kings is a multi-hit band that brought together top talents, including Quickdraw on drums, Doc Holliday on guitar, and Mr. Right Now on electric bass. In its formative days, the band gigged regularly before recording Who’s Your Daddy? on EP and Sunday Morning Hymns on CD. Unfortunately, Quickdraw and Doc Holliday called it quits in October and November of 2001 respectively forcing the band to take a short hiatus.

But it wasn’t long before Lonesome Kings sprang back to life. In January 2001, the band regrouped and made a huge comeback with “Handsome” Johnny Hormone on drums and Reverend Repulsive on guitar. This outfit was unstoppable, with Mr. Right Now ditching the electric bass for an upright bass in April 2002.

It was then that Lonesome Kings started recording their much-awaited full-length debut album. In August 2003, the band released Shotgun Full of Blues, a fantastic album that catapulted them to the world’s music scene.  The album was all the rage, attracting the attention of ardent music fans from around the world.

Shotgun Full of Blues huge reception meant that the fan-base expected the band to release another album soon after. Much to the chagrin of rabid music fans, however, their 3rd and final album, the Legendary Suffering, was not available until later in 2006. Even so, Lonesome Kings’ top hits still rent the air everywhere – from clubs to restaurants, their music sure is timeless.


Most songs by Lonesome Kings could be categorized under rock punk, psychedelic or just punk. Their first album, “Sunday Morning Hymns,” which was released in 2000 boasted 8 tracks with Through the Devil’s Eyes being the most popular.

Dubbed the “debut” album, the “Shotgun Full of Blues” featured 13 full-length tracks with “Zodiac” raising eyebrows across the globe. Their third and final album, “Legendary Suffering,” released in 2006, also had 13 feature tracks.

Even though Lonesome Kings are no longer recording, their place in the music industry is certainly unquestionable.